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Learn To Row

Learn to Row or (941)284-7111

Do you live in Florida and miss being by the water? Want to get in shape while using your mind? Looking to make friends while learning a unique sport?? Rowing is the answer!! 

Join SCRC's adult Learn to Row to experience the ultimate team sport!!

Questions about an upcoming LTR and your eligibility? Please contact  Coach Alex at (941) 284-7111 or email

SCRC Head Coach Alex will conduct these sessions

Sarasota County Rowing Clubs (SCRC) Learn to Row Program (LTR) is designed for adults who are age 18 and up and interested in rowing and would like hands on experience. 

Each LTR session is arranged into classes which are not competitive. You will find that rowing is surprisingly interesting and challenging. It is a low impact sport with great physiological and mental benefits. 

After completing the class, we invite and encourage you to continue rowing with our Novice Skills and Drills program. We offer recreational and competitive levels of rowing participation as you progress and you will not need to purchase your own equipment to participate in the Sarasota County Rowing Club. Joining the club is easy. After completing the Learn to Row Program, you can become a member of SCRC by registering as a new member on the club's website. If you have any questions about joining please contact SCRC's  Membership Director.

Working as a team! Oct. LTR 2017

A brisk Halloween Morning row! LTR 2017!

A brisk Halloween Morning row! LTR 2017!

Two LTR 8s get ready to launch

LTR on the water practice 10/16

Coach Jeff demos technique

image by Karen Galvin

image by Karen Galvin