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Orientation Checklist

New Member Orientation


Welcome to Sarasota County Rowing Club! Please contact the SCRC Membership Director (if you haven't heard from them first) to schedule your orientation once you have completed your online registration.

 All new members must complete this important step before getting out on the water.  It will provide you important details about our boatyard, practices, how to treat our equipment, and how you can  you can fit into our club and become part of our rowing family.

SCRC New Member Orientation Checklist

1. Gate code ________.  Gates must be always  be locked upon  departure of the area.

2. Rowers MUST sign out/in of safety log regardless of with coach or not. In a coxed boat the cox will sign out the crew. Bowman/woman will sign out all other crewed boats. 

3. Any damage to equipment or any accidents or boat or equipment in need of any type of repair must be reported to the board equipment director ASAP. Place a “Do not Row” sign on out of service boat and report  to :

4. All boats moved in or out of the fenced corral will have oar cozies on the oarlock to prevent damage to other shells.

5. Club oar locations (numbered) and explanation of cleaning procedure of oars and shells. Point out private oar location for owners use only. 

6. Explanation of wash area and supplies.

7. Slings and importance of verifying log before putting all slings away.

8. Shed - First aid kit and AED , personal key storage and shed contents.

9. Dock- It is county property. Do not leave personal gear on it. Leaving personal items on shore is not advisable as this is a public park.

10. Advise member of the current volunteer requirement.

11. Explain the various coached rows and fees of the programs. If they want to row solo tell them they will need to set up an Captains test appointment with the Training Director.

12. Tell them to review club website for tips and up to date info. 

13. Explain where the ergs are at Sarasota Scullers Clubhouse for member use. 



Club member giving orientation_________________ 

New Member________________________________


Updated March 2020