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If you are new to rowing, or simply new to Sarasota, you probably have lots of questions about the Sarasota County Rowing Club (SCRC).  

Our community

The club was formed in 2001 by a handful of rowers and has grown to over 100 members. We have rowers who are competitive and travel to many regattas with our club and have members who row recreationally for fitness. We have members who are just learning the sport and we have rowers with physical disabilities who row in our Adaptive program. Many rowers are here year round, but we have snowbirds who row seasonally and some visitors who row for several months, or just one month.  But the best thing we offer are the friendly members who are very welcoming to new rowers.

Our facilities 

Our newly remodeled boatyard is located at 800 Blackburn Point Road, Osprey, FL. 34229, on Florida's beautiful Intracoastal Waterway.   We lease land in Blackburn Point Park, a Sarasota County Park.  Our boatyard houses a great selection of boats including sweep eights, , 4+, quads, doubles and a large variety of singles, as well as adaptive rower equipment.  We have launches for our coaches and all the other equipment and supplies needed to provide an exceptional rowing experience.  The county owned floating dock allows for dry launches. County Park restroom facilities are on site. 

Membership dues and registration

SCRC offers the following memberships to current rowers:

Annual - $500
Seasonal, 3-6 months from time of payment - $300
Monthly  - $200 a month= this selection includes coaching *
College students (under 26 years of age) monthly - $50

To row with us, you must  complete the online registration found on this website.  The registration will include completion of a waiver of liability, including entering your USROWING member number, if you have one along with dues payment with a credit card.  You will also be expected to read the clubs safety manual online before registering in order to complete the safety test.  Once all items are completed and you become a member you will be provided an Orientation Volunteer who will provide an in depth tour of our facility and a briefing on club rules and expectations and overview of the clubs equipment. Those who took LTR will not need a orientation session. 

We need you to Volunteer

We are a volunteer run club, so we need your help.  Collectively, we do a great job providing an exceptional rowing experience for our members!  Annual members must volunteer at least 24 hours a year, or pay a $10 per hour buyout.  Seasonal members must volunteer 2 hours for each month they row with us, or pay a $10 per hour buyout.

All members are asked to volunteer at our Sarasota Invitation  Regatta each winter. Hours vol. (up to 8) can be applied to your yearly total/

Rowing solo

New members with previous sculling experience wishing to row solo must learn to safely navigate the waterway by rowing with other club member. Our head Coach will also administer a Captain's test, to ensure you understand safe boat handling, can demonstrate full knowledge of sculling technical skills needed to solo and navigation. 

Learning how to row

People wishing to learn how to row must complete a Learn To Row class, which are offered periodically though out the year. Once graduated, the novice rower will apply for membership and enroll in NOVICE/Skills and Drills, a coached session for novices or those with less than a year rowing sweep or a year sculling. Novices will row in Skills and Drills for a year, or until the coach approves graduating to another rowing program, or open rowing uncoached.

Coaching fees

All coached sessions are now included in 2018 membership and guest fees!! 

Learn to Row, multiple sessions - $250
Monthly members pay $200 *and this includes the coaching 

Open rowing

Rowing on your own or with an organized group is included in your membership dues. Open rows are offered periodically, several times a week. Rows are scheduled in the Boat Reservation system, on this website. If bowing a boat you must have passed the capt. test (speak with our head coach for details).

Coxes are available with advanced notice. 

Other groups schedule closed rows, which are limited to certain rowers.


At SCRC we encourage all rowers to participate in local and regional regattas.  They are fun events for rowers of all abilities,  both skull and sweep.  Starting in February, we have the Sprint season, which is 1k races...row fast, row hard!  And toward the summer we enter Head Race season, which are 5k races.  SCRC has a racing team that specifically trains to race but we also support all members in putting race boats together for regattas.

Use these links for more information and to sign up!